Camo Patterns

Weatheridge CT

Some of the best examples of camouflage can be found in nature in both predator, and prey. Unlike the game we chase, we don't have thousands of years to evolve our camo effectiveness. Instead, we must learn from nature itself, use our human intelligence to develop patterns that work the best. Unfortunately, much of the industry has developed camo patterns that "Sell" instead of focusing on what really works.

sarodilampedusa has taken an entirely different approach to developing effective camo. Not only do we study and learn from the patterns in nature, we dove into the Psyche of the animals we pursue. Our diagnosis is that most game don't have the ability to think and reason. Whatever they have going for them is almost entirely instinctive. So it stands to reason that they have evolved into picking out and identifying the human shape because humans have been chasing game for thousands of years. We contest that the only true way to fool the wary game we pursue is not to eliminate our human shape, but rather draw the attention away from it. The erratic, high contrast edges throughout the Weatheridge CT pattern does exactly that and it seems to be paying off big time. Time and time and time again we are hearing the same story from our prostaff who have been out in the field, eye to eye with these critters and they are all sharing the same success. Guys who have been wearing the leading brands for years are saying there's something different about this pattern. And that is it works! Finally a camo pattern thats made to work...not just sell!!


Weatheridge Spring

Kanyon Ridge


At sarodilampedusa, our specialty is creating designer camo patterns that exemplify our passion for to hunt or fish. The term "Camo Everything" is not just a phrase, it's who we are as hunters, fisherman, outdoorsman, and stewards of this great land that we call home. It's how we bring that passion into everything we do, everyday, all the time. It's not merely camo for concealment, it's become a bold representation of who we are as hunters and sportsman.